Air Jordan 34 incomplete evaluation report

I received this pair of Air Jordan 34 "Blue Void" last weekend. When I received it, I was as happy as I was when I was a child. As an old toe that loves sneakers for more than 20 years, only opening the shoebox of the latest Air Jordan sneakers every year can give me this kind of familiar excitement!

The shoes are marked with the name Air Jordan XXXIV PF. The "PF" here shows that this is a pair of versions that are more suitable for the foot shape of Asians. The outsole uses XDR materials that are more suitable for Asian venues. So in theory, the shoe shape of the PF version should be wider forefoot and higher instep.

Take the Air Jordan 34 out of the shoebox and immediately experience the first feeling of the slogan "Take the strong enemy", especially light! You obviously feel that the weight of this Air Jordan 34 is not like a pair of basketball shoes, but more like a pair of running shoes.

The design inspiration of the Air Jordan 34 comes from the F1 car. In addition to the sky-opening to steal weight on the midsole, the shape of the entire shoe body is very smooth and flexible, just like a super race that is ready to go. Streamlined.

Air Jordan 34 uses perforated foam rubber nylon cloth material on the tongue, which has sufficient stretch and ventilation, and the configuration of flat shoelaces disperses the pressure on the instep, which greatly improves the bad feeling of instep compression. At this point, I personally feel that 34 is much better than 33! I give 4.5 stars for wearing comfort.

In addition to being thin and transparent, the material of the cicada-like shoe body is also very breathable. The feet do not feel stuffy after 2 hours of the ball, and there are many small holes in the wiring reinforcement part of the inner side of the shoe. , Is really a very pleasing detail.


Air Jordan 34 is the best pair of AJs in the past five years. The second place is the Air Jordan 30 with little innovation but high stability. Putting on the Air Jordan 34 allows you to take advantage of the enemy more casually.