This year's Air Max 2090 is definitely a perfect echo of Air Max 90

The annual Air Max Day is a particularly important "festival" in the shoe circle. It brings us different surprises every year. The surprise this year is, of course, the new Air Max 2090.

This year is the 30th anniversary of the birth of the classic Air Max 90. Nike uses today's technology and design to redesign the Air Max 90. Under such an opportunity, the Air Max 2090 was born. Air Max 90 was a veritable technological running shoe at the time, and the famous triathlon champion Mark Allen was the spokesperson for the shoes.

At the beginning of the birth of the Air Max 90, Tinker Hatfield and Nike Innovation Project Leader Dave Forland hoped to expand the size of the sole cushion.

In the past 30 years, the Air Max 90 has not only been reproduced one after another but also many shoes newly created because of the elements of the Air Max 90. What impressed me the most is the Air Max Wright. Although these shoes draw on the elements of Air Max 90 and Air Max LTD, it is not difficult to find the shadow of Air Max 90 from the shoe body. The toe and adjustable The shoelace hole ...

Coming to 2020, the Air Max 90 spanning 30 years has been redefined. This is a collision between history and the future, so this year's Air Max Day decided to focus on Air Max 90.

2020 coincides with the 30th anniversary of Air Max 90. "2090" is a combination of the two. This is my interpretation of the name Air Max 2090. The new design style shows a strong sense of the future, but it is not difficult to find its inheritance of the Air Max 90 shoes.

The iconic mud shield and heel logo of Air Max 90 are inherited, and the inheritance relationship between the two can be seen at a glance; the air window of Air Max 90 is our initial impression, so Air Max 2090 is not like Air Max 720 also exposes the entire air cushion but retains the Air Max 90 style air windows.

Apart from an inheritance, innovation is of course indispensable.

In the design process of the Air Max 90, the color matching also plays a role, and the darker part of the shoe body is strong and supportive. Therefore, the upper of the Air Max 2090 inherits this feature, and the opaque degree is used to show this feature. The more opaque part represents stronger support performance.

And the sole uses a larger air cushion than Air Max 90, and the air window on the side of the shoe is also increased by 200%. This allowed Tinker Hatfield and Dave Forland to realize and continue their original ideals.

This color-matching Air Max 2090 color inspiration comes from the future traffic, the reason is to pay tribute to the Air Max 90's design ideas inspired by Italian sports cars.

So the new Air Max 2090 echoes the original Air Max 90 to some extent. This is why the Air Max 2090 was launched on the 30th anniversary of the Air Max 90 ...